Turner's Travels ….

Day 1 Newcastle – Moree

Well, what a surprise – our planned 6am departure was actually 10am, 4hrs behind schedule before we started. Why were we so late? Well … I was up until 1.30am doing all the last minute KSJFC & Tribotix emails and Narelle couldn’t really load all the fruit and veggies in the fridge until it was moved to a flat surface (we store it on a slight slope). I had managed to get the camper trailer into the place we plan to store it by using the handbrake and the jockey wheel – but I hadn’t planned on how hard it would be to get in on the back of the Pajero and then get it onto the road … this took us about an hour.

So, we were late – no big surprise. Problem was we had to be in Charleville the next night for the Bilby Experience so we had to make it to at least Moree for the night. By the time we got to Bogabri (where I got breath tested on the highway at 3pm) we booked a cabin in the Gwyer Caravan Park …. there was no way we could make it to Moree and setup the camper trailer in the dark.  Yep, our first real night away in the camper trailer we spent in a cabin …


Our 1st night away with the Camper Trailer

The Gwyer Caravan Park has 5 pools, 4 filled from the Artesian Springs – you could pick from a 39oC, 37oC, 36oC & 35oC pool or just a normal swimming pool. It was about 8oC when we arrived in Moree, so it was straight in the 39oC degree pool, there is something about the artesian spring hot water – it is so relaxing. It was that good that Narelle went for a swim after `we got pack from the pub, it must be warm if Narelle goes for a swim at 8.30pm ANYWHERE.

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